It is time to step into a new context of what we think “leadership” is.  

She understands that it isn’t about SHE, it is about WE. 

She also understands that SHE is the vessel from which her work is born. 

Her biggest inspirations come when she is listening and BEING.  

There is a collaborative energy around her. 

She isn’t afraid to admit when she needs help. Her strength is in her vulnerability.  

  1. Know Yourself: Understanding who you are for the world and knowing what you desire.

  2. Listen: You trust your voice. You are connected to that internal and external guidance that the feminine provides. 

  3. Walk your Talk: Understanding that YOU are the vessel from which transformation happens. When you are the kind of leader that does what she says, living by example, you are teaching integrity to others who walk the same path. 

  4. Open yourself to others: When we take the focus off of ourselves and what we will get out of it, and INSTEAD get connected to our commitment to others, we are more naturally inclined to operate from a place of abundance. In other words, we get out of our own way. We OPEN up to a different viewpoint.  You know when to shut up, because it is not always about you.

  5. Live Cyclic: In the real world this means knowing when to go into the void (to create), knowing when to take action (to gestate/give birth), knowing when to rest (to integrate) AND knowing when to let go (death/rebirth). 

  6. Community and Connection: You create a community of other leaders around you. You are not isolated. You know when to take a step back and let others lead. You know when to ask for help. Members of your community are inspired to take action by your example.  

  7. Embracing the Masculine within: She understands the need for the Masculine in her. She can hold a sacred space, take action and direct her attention where it needs to go.

  8. A Willingness to go deep: Understanding that you are a woman of range. And, to fully embody your leadership and power, you need to be able to experience yourself in all of the aspects that make you a womxn.