2. Listen - Feminine Principles Series


There is a voice inside of you. 
Can you hear it? It desires something. It’s the voice underneath all the superficial stuff you believe about yourself. 

It’s the voice that only speaks to you. It tells you secrets of its deepest desires. It tells you how brilliant you are. It admires you and guides you into better ways of being. Sometimes it tells you to change course. 

This is your internal guidance system. Think of it as always trying to course correct you as you go through life. An inner compass. Think Siri, except it’s you. Your inner navigation that knows exactly what you want. This navigation understands the depths of you better than anyone or anything else. 

Would you listen to a voice like this that always has your back? This voice that’s always there?

Let’s do a quick internal check-in.
Stop reading, take just a second to sit still, right where you are and imagine, this inner voice talking to you now. Take a deep breathe, take another and as you exhale tune into this voice. Now breathe slowly as you sit in this awareness… This is you .. in your listening.

When we listen in our stillness, from “knowing yourself ” (Principle 1) we engage in life from a new filter and a new perspective. 

Aligning with this voice, that is already aligned with your desires, connects you to the world of abundance. 

This connects you to your desires which transits energetically in the field around you and becomes part of your reality. 

You can see it happening in the form of synchronicities, small winks from the universe. 

Have you ever thought about something and then it happened? What about small miracles, you were just talking about someone you haven’t seen in a long time, and then they show up.

Maybe you are in nature and you see a “sign”, a hummingbird, a butterfly, a crow.. These are signals, winks, messages that you can learn to tune into through your listening. 

It is very common in this work that what you are internally aligning with, comes out in our thoughts the transmutes into our reality. 

Are you listening to the voice that has your back? The voice that wants what’s best for you even if it means giving up what’s comfortable and cozy in your life? 

Bonus Exercise: We love inquiry. Through inquiry we are able to ask the exact questions needed to get to the depths of your desires. So we hope that you will use this post as an exercise and create a practice in LISTENING. 

Sit somewhere quiet and still with your journal, beautiful soothing, hopeful music, maybe light a few candles or dim the lights… give yourself some love, reread this post and REALLY do the check in with yourself to see if you can hear her. Your inner guidance. If you just allow her she will show you…. Simply listen.

The more you move forward in your listening, the more you will trust this voice and see that it’s guidance balances with all the external voices and noise in the world. Staying connected to your listening, will keep you grounded, balanced and confident.

Try these practices to tune into your listening: 

  • Meditating for 10 minutes comfortably sitting on the ground focusing on your breath. See if you can find a place of stillness and peace within you, then relax even deeper to access stillness and clarity.

  • Free writing in your journal after meditation or prayer.

  • Practice listening before speaking in conversation be the fist to listen and slow to speak, speaking on purpose and with clarity.

We love hearing from you. Please feel free to jump into our Facebook Group and share with us how the LISTENING post helped you to practice your listening.


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