1. Know Yourself - Feminine Principles Series


We live in a busy world. 

Technology has us disconnected from natural rhythms of life. It’s easy not to connect in real life by keeping “busy”. We have distractions that ping us through electronic notifications and we are constantly tuned into what’s outside of us. 

How do you see yourself doing this?

Through our disconnection to self, we lose sight of our desires and our dreams. We forget what matters most to us and we push our deepest longings aside replaced with tasks, raising children, jobs, and to live up to other people's standards. 

Even in our closest relationships, we give up ourselves to show up based on how the other person needs us to be.

It’s tiring always showing up the way others need to you be. How could your life be different if you operated from your knowing? How successful would you be if you were to operate from confidence and power in your beliefs about yourself? 

Knowing yourself is a practice and you can begin in small ways, like taking yourself on a date. Meditation, Exercise, doing what you know to do without procrastination. Eating foods that make you feel healthy and strong. Getting out into nature as often as possible.

To know yourself…

...is to spend time with yourself. 

...is to love yourself unconditionally, with compassion and good intent.

...is to connect with your deepest desires and create action steps to make them come true.

...is to understand what you believe and act from the filter of this as your truth.

In what ways do you KNOW yourself?

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