Intro Series Feminine Principles Of Leadership

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What is feminine leadership

We will begin at the beginning. Explaining what Feminine Leadership is and why it’s important. Feminine Leadership is the future. We live in a very masculine constructed world that doesn’t embrace the feminine of creation, flow, balance, stillness, and void.

This world has forgotten that without the feminine creation it wouldn’t exist, The feminine is embedded in all lifeforms. The Yin and the Yang. The human chromosome structure contains both male and female. We are nurturing it back into the forefront of how we do business, raise our families, teach others and in how we interact with others.

Feminine Leadership is leading from a place of deep knowing. It’s tunning into the frequency of the work you are wanting to put out into the world and operating in that specific frequency. It’s attuning to the source energy inside of you that’s calling the way. From here you will be directed to steps of action that are aligned with your vision. We teach how to do this here.

Our intention with the Feminine Leadership Principle Blog Series is to generate awareness for you to step into your feminine power. It doesn’t matter if you identify as a man, womxn, womyn you are welcome here.

Guess what?  We want you to participate with us!

We are inviting you to step into leadership on October 27th. All you have to do is say “YES”. Create a circle, event or hold space as a guardian for our Passing our Power Annual Event. This is our GLOBAL outreach project where we create feminine power across the planet by hosting, teaching, leading, nurturing, healing and prayer.

Sergio Garrido-Ramirez