feminine is the future.


What is Feminine Leadership?

It is time to step into a new context of what we think “leadership” is. In the feminine it isn’t about the ONE, it is about WE. The feminine understands that SHE is a vessel from which her work is born. Her biggest inspirations come when she is listening and being. There is a collaborative energy around her. We developed principles to abide by and give the world of the feminine. We see these are cornerstones to our brand and holding space for everyone to rise.


Principles of Feminine Leadership


Are you ready to take on Feminine Leadership?

Before we continue, let’s be clear: this is not an invitation for people who only want to get “high” off empowerment or who want bragging rights about another peak experience. 

This is a new way to be in the world. Circle is a sacred space where the feminine principles are practiced and upheld. As we value the masculine and all it offers - it is not what is practiced in our spaces. We understand the value of this container and ask you look to see if you are ready:

  • Do you want to step into your full feminine radiance and accomplish your life’s work?

  • Do you have a vision for your life and the planet rooted in love, balance, and the “sacred?”

  • Do you have a deep inner calling that you cannot refuse / won’t go away?

  • Do you find yourself in a caregiving role wherever you go, for the sole reason that it nourishes you?


Feminine Leadership Archetype


Ignite your Leadership.

It all starts here - taking an action makes a difference and here is a perfect opportunity. We have three ways you can go from here - we invite you to explore all and see what is the best fit for you. If you feel a calling, follow it.