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The Global Gathering Webinar


July 30th
9:00a PST

I know we talk about the feminine in a very conceptual way, but the only way these concepts actually work, is if you put them to work in your life. So, we will be opening up some of juicy content from the upcoming Mastery Course; Sacred Badassery.

Join your community of powerful feminine healers, facilitators and circle leaders.
Featuring Maria Yraceburu and Rose Paratore



Maria Yraceburu

One of the most powerful teachers of our time. She was trained as a diiyin and a traditional ceremonialist. She is co-founder of Yraceburu EarthWisdom and the elder of The Global Turn On Movement. As a chosen tlish diyin lineage holder, she shares ancient wisdom and rites for contemporary times.


Rose Paratore

Graduate student at UC Berkeley and the creator of the Climate and Sex Symposium - intersecting the climate crisis with reproductive health and choice.


Leah Rose Farber

Founder - Global Turn On

Later Event: October 27
POP Event | San Leandro, CA