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Shapeshifters Retreat

  • Sacred Elk Farm Neskowin, Oregon (map)

August 1st-4th

3 Days 1 Evening

Catered Meals

Hot Tub



In this four day retreat we will move through our own heroic quest of feminine leadership. We will identify the powerhouse within us, remove the debris that bury it, and inhabit the shape we damn well please.  

Together we will answer the call to adventure, face our trials and tribulations, vanquish our wounds, and return home with a new vision. You will have opportunities to walk into the archetypes and stories of the divine you already hold within. 

We will invoke rituals of old, walk through rites of rebirth, honor the elements, share in circle, embody movement in dance and yoga, and remember what we already know, the power of choice, of intention, of unity. 

 The time is now, the power is you. 

 You’ve been the container for long enough, be the contained.  

 It’s time to Shapeshift.



1 hour West from Salem
2 hours from Portland


All meals will be catered by a chef. In the purchase of your ticket you will be able to inform us of any food allergy or dietary preferences you may have.


Is not included in price. 10 Camping Spots available while supplies last. (See Attend Link)
There are many beautiful AirBNB’s in the town. We have provided a link here.

About the Weekend

  • Have you felt your truth to be hidden behind a veil of uncertainty? 

  • Have you spent your life masquerading your flame to show up as healer, artist, writer, or visionary, and maybe forgotten who you arer on the inside?

  •  Or maybe you see well who you are and you’re just damn tired of being stuck?

  •  Are you ready to step into your authenticity, and become the sovereign you are within?

  •  Are you ready to take the shape of your magnificent self?

  • Are you ready to stop limiting yourself?

Every culture has a story or myth that angles in on this very question.  How do we truly transform? In cultures from every continent, tales are told of characters who walk the untrodden path.  Ravens, Cougars, Foxes, and Butterflies are just a few – these are characters who walk between worlds, and have solid footing in each.  They are called shapeshifters. They are imbued with magic or divinity, and have the talent to transform physical shape or identity at will.  

Within you is an empowered shapeshifter.  

Who’s this for:

Women who are out to play big, have to be able to tune into ourselves, slow down, call bullshit on ourselves and do the work - our power lies in those vulnerable and dark places.

  • Where are you holding back?

  • Where are you playing small?

  • Where are they hiding?

  • What needs to be transformed so that you have access to your FULL power?

In order to dissolve the beliefs and stories that keep us stuck for years, we all need a mirror, a safe place to be exactly who we are and allow the kind of transformation we all crave. 

How often have you been that for others, and neglected to receive the same gift you offered?

It’s time to stop giving your power away.  Be the reflection, sure, but be the light. Be the badass, radiant, mysterious, dangerous, vulnerable, gets-shit-done, mighty powerhouse of light that you truly are.  

There are ships at sea that need you, but you need yourself most.  No longer can you DENY your power.  It is your essential ingredient to being in service to the world.