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Global Event: Passing our Power


We invite you to lead.


We are inviting leaders to participate by hosting an event, facilitating circle or being a guardian. We have been holding this annual event for the past 4 years and this will be our 5th. We have gathered 1000's of people (women, men and children) in circle to create impactful projects, weave community, and to support each other’s growth.

The Intention

Have you ever been a part of a candle ceremony? One candle is lit, and that candle lights another, and then those candles light two more, those four become 8, become 16, become 32, become 64.... and so on. Eventually, the entire area is lit with light.

We are increasing our wattage to 100,000 watt - amping ourselves to amp others. We will let our energy surge through the grid and pass our power with the intention of healing, love, growth, compassion, unity, and global change.

The Theme

Passing our Power

Passing our power is the action we take in the Global Turn On that gives others access to what we have. It gives them resources for their business, it gives them nurturing content to feed on daily, it shows up in mentorship programs, coaching calls, and holding space for others in various ways. We teach, we coach, we stand and we listen. 

We pass the power when we hold circles and events for people to come and get the connection they are missing. We host this annual event to bring people together, to honor human life and the invisible web of connection we all share. We pass our power because when we share what we are doing in the world, others will join us and want to share and pass their power too.

After counseling and facilitation 1000's of people by igniting feminine leadership, we know that we can make a HUGE impact on people’s lives for the better by showing up in our power, in our leadership and give it away, share it, and lead by example so that our light - our POWER turns others on.

Are you ready to POP?

The Goal

Each person you bring in for the Global Event equals 100 watts of power. We are calling 1000 leaders to lead on this day to generate 100,000 watts of power to the grid. Beyond that, the guests you invite, increase that power exponentially.

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