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Lead By: LeahRose Farber

”Before the feminine can rise - she must Descend.”

We are about to go DEEP - have you been waiting on the sidelines to get your circles or programs started? Do you know EXACTLY what you are here to do but struggle with the confidence to get moving? Have you given yourself the space to deeply listen to yourself? 

We believe you already have the wisdom that lives inside of you. This is not a program to sell you a system that will grow your circles or business - BUT it will get YOU re-connected to your power and understand that you yourself have all that you need right now, to make this happen.

The Feminine Inquiry:

  • She is alive and well. And she has an invitation for you in your life. - You have a voice within you that is always supporting you. Can you listen?

  • Prepare your body for BIG POWER to run through you - You feel this space arising and feel like something big is coming. Will you allow?

  • Learn to LISTEN to yourself and your Internal Guidance - You are discerning between the voice in your heart and the one in your head. Which voice will you listen to?

  • Discover who you are as a leader. - What your special gifts are and what holds you back.
    Are you willing to share?

  • Take actions in the face of your own BS - You see that there are some behaviors that don’t serve you anymore. Will you go to work?

  • Build a community doing work you love leading. - You feel the pull to leadership.
    Will you step up?

Open yourself to the Feminine Principles of leadership and power - 12 week LIVE channeled series with LeahRose.

Details of course

Price: $297.00 or 2 payments of $150.00
*Pay in full and receive a 30-minute call with LeahRose to talk about your circle/offerings. Get guidance or a breakthrough.

Support: All materials are housed online in our Thinkific Online Portal, A Private Facebook Group, At home work.

You will get:

  • The LIVE weekly session with LeahRose

  • Worksheets

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Energetic and Breath-work Practices that will supercharge your practice


All of our calls will take place on Wednesdays @ 12 noon.

8/14 - Module 1 : Slow Down - Take Time To Listen

8/21 - Module 2 :  Ask Pussy - Turn off the bullshit

9/11 - Integration: Embodiment and Energy Practices

9/18 - Module 3 : Deconstruction of the past

9/25 - Integration: Embodiment and Energy Practices

10/09 - Module 4: Create Spaciousness - Giving yourself the space to open

10/16 - Module 5: Let Go - Let flow

10/23 - Module 6: Becoming the Space for Her to Rise

10/30 - Completion: Open yourself: She will show herself to you

who This program is for

Circle Leaders, Holistic Healers, Coaches and Facilitators who are:

  • Feeling confused about the next steps of their lives

  • Ready to make more money

  • Wanting to create a coaching/women’s circle business that makes a difference

  • Up-level their business / scale their business

AND ready:  To open themselves to their power by allowing the feminine to lead them.

Womxn, it is time to: 

  • Give yourself some space to create

  • Open your voice 

  • Nurture the space for your desires to grow