Community Standards and Rules of Engagement:

Global Turn On is a conversation FOR the feminine, lead by the Feminine. 

We amplify Feminine Leadership across the globe! 

We are out to create a robust community of womxn circle leaders - because we know that womxn WAKE UP their power when they step into feminine lead spaces and communities. 

We will all engage in this group with compassion, confidentiality, AND understanding for each other and our life experiences. This is a safe space where freedom of expression is heard, honored and valued. 

We expect all of our members to have basic human understanding for each other, knowing we will each have our own unique life experiences and perspectives. 

No hate or hate speech will be tolerated. You will be held accountable for your language AND your intentions behind your actions and language as well as the impact they have on others in this group. 

This is a confidential space. What a woman shares here will not be shared by you, unless you have HER permission. 

This is NOT a place to have it all together. We want to celebrate your wins, but also be there when you fall apart too. There is vulnerability in your sharing. 

Anyone that does not adhere to these basic fundamental standards will be in violation of our safe space and will be removed from the group.

Facebook Group Guidelines

Thank you for stepping into our circle and continuing to nurture this global movement.

This is a sacred space.

We are currently in Dreaming MODE for 2019 - we will emerge with the next steps for our project shortly!

Group Guidelines and Rules: 

To answer any questions please contact us at 

About posting here: 

Feel free to post inspiration and personal experiences related to women's circles and the women's movement here. You can also post any Global Turn On events here. 

About advertisements: 

Please, NO non-affiliated advertisements can be posted here! We will delete advertisements without warning. Repeatedly breaking this agreement will result in you being removed from this group without warning. 

LeahRose Farber.

Our Values

Community Standards: 

  1. No hate or hate speech will be tolerated. This is an all traditions-inclusive movement. Women from all races, religions and traditions are celebrated and included. We will not tolerate hate, sexism or racism. 

  2. We celebrate women in all of HER forms ESPECIALLY marginalized populations like Women of Color, Queer women and Transgender women.  

  3. We stand for the healing of the sisterhood. We know that sharing the tool of the women’s circle will bring much needed healing to each other.

  4. We celebrate women saying YES to the feminine leader inside of them. We support the growth and blossoming of women. We offer training and mentorship throughout the process.

  5. This is a Worldwide Platform that is community driven.  This project grows when you participate. 

  6. We partner with other women and organizations all around the world. Come play with us! 

*Anyone that does not adhere to these basic fundamental standards will be in violation of our safe space and will be removed from the group.

The 5 Core Values of our circle leaders: if you are a woman, who reads these values and feels them inside of you, then please consider joining us as a circle leader.

  1. Integrity: We can count on you to say what you’ll do and do what you say.

  2. Leadership: You have heard the call and answered it! You are ready to do the inner work necessary for you to step out fully in your path.

  3. Commitment and Accountability: You are committed to living your life fulfilled. When you fall off your path, you brush yourself off and get back on it. 

  4. Teamwork: It takes a village!  You ask for help when you need it. You build community wherever you go. People are a valuable resource. 

  5. Living Examples: You are dedicated to learning about and healing yourself. You are, or are aspiring to, be a living example of your work and your commitments in life. 

  6. You take a stand for diversity: As a circle leader, especially a cis white circle leader - you are committed to unpacking your privilege.