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Welcome to The Global Turn On

We are here to ignite feminine Leadership around the globe.




intuitively designed.  

Our programs are grounded in the Principles of Feminine Leadership by leaders who embody and live their lives dedicated to developing, training and healing leaders. We take self-development very seriously and believe that you are here looking for a way to bring about bigger things for yourself. All our programs are intuitively designed for real-life transformation and healing to occur.



Creating an Ancient Future.

This is our direct access to feminine leadership - we know that when feminine lead spaces and communities everyone thrives. The circle is the feminine’s place of power. It is an access point into her throne that in undeniable.



People Participated

This project started with ONE woman who had the vision to create more unity and healing through circle. One person sharing and inspiring others to participate to building a Global Movement. This project is still going because of the power of women in circle. We are a transformational community of feminine leaders supporting and nurturing one another. You don't have to do it alone! We are still evolving and growing. We invite you to our community. Come grow with us.



Circles across the Globe

Our circle leaders live all across the globe from different backgrounds and cultures, everyone is welcome to lead. Our circles are enriched with culture, healing, support, connection, and community. We grow circles so that you have a place to call home in your community to rise and be inspired.



Impactful Day

We come together to create a force. Our next Global Turn On is October 27th, 2019 - will you be there?


heed the call.

Circle is a transformational experience. Your job is to show up - and thru it will reveal what you need. It is one of those things that is hard to explain in language. It really is an experience that you have to sit in yourself to grasp full understanding.


creating community.

This web strengthens when we transcend gender, brands and our separate businesses and take a stand for women’s leadership in the world. The Divine feminine is Rising - and women are leading the conversation. Everyone who participates in this project becomes a partner in our vision of leading the way for the new Earth.



Our events gather the feminine and enrich the community. They are the source in which we are able to create the most impact.



We know you cannot do this alone. They are the lifeblood to this brand and with their love and support we are able to stand strong.