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We are a movement to Amplify feminine leadership across the globe.

The Global Turn On is a conversation for the feminine, lead by the Feminine. We are looking to cause a global shift. One that lets a new type of leadership emerge from the shadows. No longer will the feminine be in the background. The time is NOW for the feminine to take its place; at the seat of her throne.


Holding circle

We are out to create a robust community of women circle leaders - because we know that women WAKE UP their power when they step into feminine lead spaces and communities. The circle is the feminine’s place of power. It is an access point into her throne that in undeniable.



People Participated

This project started with one woman putting out the call to other women. We have started this project with the power of women.



Circles across the Globe

Our circle leaders come from all across the globe. From different backgrounds and cultures, everyone is welcome to lead.



Impactful Day

We come together to create a force. Our next Global Turn On is October 27th, 2019 - will you be there?


(FREE) Amplify: Circle leader Training

Be on the forefront of empowering women by leading circle. We want as many women to experience circle as we can. The Feminine is the key to ushering in the new world, and we want you to be there with us.


time to turn on

Make space for your TURN ON. The Up-Rousing is what happens when you open yourself to the portal of creation and the power of the Feminine. It is an energy that comes from below - from the big V of our Earth Mother. It is the transmission of the pure and potent life source we were all created from.

Many of us don’t slow down enough to listen to our bodies. Without a connection to your body, you don’t have full access to your intuition OR your power. Allow your body to begin to guide you. She will let you know when things don’t feel good. Woman, it is time. To accept your body. To accept your sexuality. To accept your purpose.


Amplify your Feminine

Follow the call to circle! Our events will plug you in to the power that you are made of. No experience necessary!

Expand your Leadership

Train and Develop yourself in your Feminine Leadership - give yourself the support you need to expand!

Step into our Circle

Every successful woman has a team of women at her back. Our community is comprised of women around the world.


We can see that the world is changing at a rapid pace and this Woman’s Work is the mission to bring wholeness, unity and the embodiment of universal unconditional love back to the Earth. I believe that the reason we Women feel this urge to gather together is that we know in our souls that it can bring healing to the whole world as we are ONE.
— Angela Savage - Falcon, Toronto, Canada